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In the heart of Brera, in the pretty Via Fiori Chiari among fortunetellers, vendors of the most unusual things and interpreters of the uncertain future the Nabucco restaurant welcomes you with its timid outer terrace for those who still love to dine under the stars. An established after-theater restaurant, the Nabucco, though continuing the traditional Italian cuisine with its homemade pasta and Milanese delicacies, tempts you with more elaborate and creative specialties, like the unsurpassed ricotta-filled pumpkin flowers that, together with many other creations, appeal to the more refined and demanding public. The philosophy of the restaurant is to make every guest feel comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere; the courteous personnel welcomes everybody with a smile, an aperitif, a tempting canapé and a basket of warm, freshly baked bread. Every evening a candle-lit dinner wíth a background of soft classical or jazz music awaits you at the Nabucco. The kitchen is open until 23.30.

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